Tuesday, 30 September 2008


What a fantastic word! A word that simply sounds as lyrical as it is beautifully rounded. A pebble of a word that drops with a soft splash that resounds with a musicality all of its own. A lemon drop of a word that I intend, in a very Stephen Fry (or maybe Will Self) way to liberally slip into all conversations!

1. transparent or translucent
2. extremely clear in style and meaning [Latin pellucidus]

Monday, 29 September 2008

The Monkees

It was nineteen sixty six, I was twelve and each and every Saturday I would sit glued to my TV watching this bunch of lunatics. Often described as the 'bogus' Beatles; they were anything but. Influenced by them obviously but as different to the Fabs as The Beatles were to The Crickets. Funny, funky and great entertainment. Even the Pistols liked them, covering the B side of 'I/m a Believer', 'Not Your Stepping Stone'.

Frank Zappa was another fan and appeared on the show as Mike Nesmith whilst Nesmith pretended to be Zappa.

Oh what fun we had. 'I'm a Believer' is still one of my favourite singles.