Friday, 10 October 2008

The Crunchie Bar

Being diagnosed as Diabetic in 1957 meant I had a wonderful childhood full of times spent in hospital where any visitors always paid homage to the poor wee lad with copious amounts of Marvel and DC comics, hence my love of that genre to this day.

But, I hear you cry, as nice as the CJ history lesson is, what on earth has it to do with the famous Crunchie Bar? The answer as you might have guessed is quite simply nothing. I just thought it might get the sympathy vote and some more free comics.

As a diabetic though, and with a Mother who ruled my condition in a similar way to that used by Stalin in communist Russia, rigidly, I was glad that every Friday when my good old Granddad (Albert Thomas Diamond Jubilee Doughty - an Irishman t'ru and t'ru) brought home a box of Maltesers for me Mum and a Crunchie bar for me. One of lifes great joys was the Friday Crunchie bar and even now, some forty eight years on, I confess I still have the occasional munch. (I also sometinmes eat a Crunchie bar too!)

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wastedpapiers said...

Not a big fan of honeycomb I must admit but taken to having a dab of clear honey in my tea these days to sweeten the rather sour soya milk from Aldi.
My favourite choc bar is Green & Blacks dark 85% cocoa solids.