Thursday, 16 October 2008

Waddingtons Test Match

I have no idea where my Dad got this game from. All I know is that it was second hand and therefore probably came from someone he worked with.

"Give it to the boy Ralph, if he's like you, he will love his cricket."

Sadly, I am nothing like my dear old Dad. Not at all sporty and I don't follow the 'Hammers' either. As for cricket...someone please explain, I mean, cricket? What is it all about? Bloody dangerous if you ask me.

I remember playing it once at school and being told to bat. This hulking brute of a boy came hurtling at me and then bowled a fierce ball at me which nearly took off my head. I, being a bit of a rebel at school, certainly wilful, threw down my bat and walked off the pitch declaring that they were all barking mad to be playing such a game and why couldn't we play football. The PE master, less than impressed with my cowardice in the face of a flying cricket ball, made me run round the track for the rest of the lesson!

This Waddington game was good though even if I didn't, and still don't, know what Silly Mid-Off is nor what a googly might be. I did know that Ted Dexter was the dogs doo dah when it came to playing the game and therfore always took his name whilst playing it.



wastedpapiers said...

I could never get the hang of cricket at school either as they used a proper really hard and lethal ball filled with lead shot or something. Sadists abd bullies used to take pleasure in hurling it down the pitch at my tiny white trembling knees and groin.
I suspect the board game was more exciting tham the "Trains" that Roger & Jilly play though!

C.J.Duffy said...

Roger and Jilly play trains? Really? I would like to know more. Which one is the fat controller and which one is Thomas?