Friday, 16 January 2009

Festival of Britain Poster

Poster advertising the visit of the Festival Ship Campania to Bidston Dock, Birkenhead between 5 and 14 September 1951. The poster includes information on opening times and admission charges. The poster is full colour, bears an illustration of the Campania and is branded with the Festival Star logo.


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wastedpapiers said...

I didnt go to the South Bank when the Festival of Britain butmy parents took me along to the fun fair at battersea Park which was built for the festival and was still there -well, some of it , up until the 60's I think. I also remember a 3-D cinema showing the Coronation of the Gueen so it must have been around 1953. They still had the tree walk and the wondderful Far Tottering And Oyster Creek Railway by Roland Emmett and the Guinnes Clock and the caverns with waterfalls and grottoes inside. Amazing for a 5 year old to see- quite magical.