Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Wildfowl Reels or Folk Songs by any other name - Lord Marlborough

You generals all and you champions bold
Who take delight in the field
Who knock down dungeons and castle walls
And fight until they yield
Now I must go and face my foe
Without my sword and shield
I've often fought with merry men
But now to death I must yield

I am an Englishman by my birth
Lord Marlborough is my name
In Devonshire I drew my breath
That place of noted fame
I'm most beloved by all my men
By kings and princes likewise
Af all the towns that we did take
We hit them all with surprise

King Charles the Second I did serve
To face our foe in France
And at the battle of Ramillies
We boldly did advance
The sun was down, the earth did quake
So loudly I did cry
Fight on, my boys, for fair England
We'll conquer or we'll die

And now we have gained the victory
And bravely kept the field
We took a number of prisoners
And forced them to yield
That very day my horse was shot
'Twas by a musket ball
And ere I mounted up again
My aide-de-camp did fall

Now on a bed of sickness prone
I am resigned to die
You generals and you champions bold
Stand true as well as I
And to your colours stand you true
And fight with courage bold
I led my men through fire and smoke
For there was a pride in all


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