Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Game Show Hosts - Hughie Green

And he seemed such a nice man too but there he was, philandering with goodness knows who, all the while he was presenting Thank Your Lucky Stars and Double your money.
For sure he was the stereotypical game show host of his day and, even if a little fake in his over enthusiastic smiles, rather amusing.
Of course, as we now all know, when not on the screen he was busy inseminating Jesse Yates wife who gave birth to the beautiful Paula Yates.
My Mum, and certainly my Grandmother, loved both his shows but then again, at the time, so did I.



wastedpapiers said...

He was quite a character. I'll think you'll find though that he did "Oppertunity Knocks" and "Thank Your Lucky Stars" was a pop show with Brian Matthew and Keith Fordyce.

C.J.Duffy said...

Oh bollards! Yes, of course. I confuzzed two different shows! Pillock.

Roger Stevens said...

Also - I do believe he wasn't a very nice man. So they say.

wastedpapiers said...

Yes, the excellent TV doc/play about him certainly showed him in a very bad light.

MV is "amissel" - a kind of rocket shaped lentil.

C.J.Duffy said...

Apparently so but then again Lennon and so many other of my childhood heroes fall short of the 'hero' mark. All of them seem rather blighted in some way or other. Don Vliet could be harsh toward those he worked with and of course Mark E Smith is notoriously short tempered. Maybe even Terry Wogan is in reality a brute!?

oprina tiberiu said...

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