Thursday, 28 May 2009


Blimey - finding this old book in the Oxfam shop today for 99p certainly brings back some memories! I'm showing my age now I realise so permit me to wallow a while in nostalgia for those early days of children's television when there was only two channels - BBC and ITV, and everything was in a flickering black and white on a massive TV full of throbbing valves and a tiny screen about as big as a slice of bread!

Childrens TV back then was limited to one hour a day from 5 until 6pm and Whirlygig wasa kind of magazine programme with Mr. Turnip ( a stringed puppet) and Humphrey Lestocq ( a human) who introduced various cartoons and rather static animations. Also other puppets like Sooty and Prudence Kitten ( or was that another programme ? ) In the mists of time they do tend to merge into one another!
It also seems that Rolf Harris made an early appearance on the show drawing a character called Whilloby.

Discover more about Whirlgig HERE.


C.J.Duffy said...

Its that older brother syndrome again. I would have been nicking your Led Zep albums circa late 69 after you first got into them in 68. Same with this programme that I have no memory of at all. Not realy an early forerunner to Jakanory was it?

wastedpapiers said...

A bit before your time I know. More like Saturday Morning Swap Shop without the swaps or the shop.