Friday, 12 June 2009

Game Show Hosts - Michael Miles

Michael John Miles was born in 1919 in Wellington, New Zealand and died, prematurely on – 17 February 1971. I have to say that I never liked the man as he always seemed so rude to contestants of his Take Your Pick show, especially the females. It was this show, along with Hughie Green's Double Your money that sat at the top of the heap as far as game shows went in the sixties and, as much as I disliked his condescending attitude, he was probably a far nicer man than good old Hughie. Michael was an epileptic and was deeply ashamed of his condition and would even hide himself away in his dressing room. He died at the early age of fifty two.


wastedpapiers said...

He was a strange cove. He seemed ancient at the time but surprised he died so young. He seemed to have a charisma bypass.

Anonymous said...

"And the next one:right in here, please!" (Miles bringing a contestant onto the set). He came across as a 'good-background-failed-used-car-salesman' type who had lucked onto a successful gimmick and was contemptuous of the little people that he had to encounter as he worked it for all it was worth.