Monday, 10 August 2009

MIx Tapes

In the days before CD's and MP3's we used to make mix tapes for our friends - well, some of us did. Cassettes were handy blank canvas to fill with songs and any other audio padding to show off your expertise in programming your very own pretend radio show. I used to make hundreds and exchange them with like minded folks - sometimes not even exchanged - you got one if you wanted it or not!
My particular joy was to make them on a particular theme - songs about death, songs about animals, songs about chickens and songs about puddings. It was amzing just how many you could find that included the words Chocolate or Sugar in the title! I even did a mail art tape exchange back in the 80's and got quite a big response from all round the world. Later I compiled a tape of songs about Peace based on the "one minute only" Miniatures concept by Morgan Fisher. The participants got a compliation of all the songs send in returned to them. It cost me a small fortune but it was fun.

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C.J.Duffy said...

I used to make up tapes in the mid to late nineties that I would then send to various friends. It was called the Belly Fish Disco and something like fifteen volumes. Great fun. I still enjoy mixing as it were bits of odd music.