Tuesday, 3 November 2009


fiber /fi·ber/ (fi´ber)
1. an elongated, threadlike structure.
2. nerve f.
3. dietary f.


A fibers myelinated afferent or efferent fibers of the somatic nervous system having a diameter of 1 to 22 μm and a conduction velocity of 5 to 120 meters per second; they include the alpha, beta, delta, and gamma fibers.
accelerating fibers , accelerator fibers adrenergic fibers that transmit the impulses which accelerate the heart beat.
adrenergic fibers nerve fibers, usually sympathetic, that liberate epinephrine or related substances as neurotransmitters.
afferent fibers , afferent nerve fibers nerve fibers that convey sensory impulses from the periphery to the central nervous system.
alpha fibers motor and proprioceptive fibers of the A type, having conduction velocities of 70 to 120 meters per second and ranging from 13 to 22 μm in diameter.
alveolar fibers fibers of the periodontal ligament extending from the cementum of the tooth root to the walls of the alveolus.
arcuate fibers the bow-shaped fibers in the brain, such as those connecting adjacent gyri in the cerebral cortex, or the external or internal arcuate fibers of the medulla oblongata.

And there you have it...RUFFAGE...Nuff said?

aNOtHEr trIp INtO ThE mAGpIE mUdDY miRE.


wastedpapiers said...

That must be the american spelling. I also found-

"Roughage or Dietary fiber is cellulose (the part of a plant) which cannot be digested by the human intestinal tract. It retains water and improves intestinal function by adding bulk to food. It is a definite necessity for proper digestion and bowel movement. Roughage helps correct large intestine disorders and keeps it functioning normally. It prevents constipation and hemorrhoids. It (soluble fiber) also reduces blood sugar fluctuations and helps lower cholesterol. Nutritionists recommend 30g of fiber per day (for adults). Wheat grains or whole wheat, legumes, Fresh Fruits, Root Vegetables, oats, Dahlia and Corn-cob are very good sources of roughage. "

C.J.Duffy said...

Ha Ha!


Only pul;ling your leg by the way as my spelling is awful.