Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Death Mask of Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel

I want one of these that, after cloggs are popped obviously, can then be hung on the downstair loo door for friends, family and others to enjoy while emptying the bowels.



Lily Strange said...

Ghoulish, yet interesting. Also interesting that they were talking about him on the author program on the way home. A guy wrote a fictional WWII book but of course many of his characters were real people, and he was discussing Rommel in particular. I'll have to check my dates. If Rommel keeps popping up it must be his birth or death anniversary.

C.J.Duffy said...

Hi Lily,

I don't know if it is his birthday or not I just know I admire the man or rather I admire the way he never allowed himself to be pulled into the whole Nazi party thing but always remained aloof from it and yet remained loyal to his country. He never acted with dishonour to his enemies and was never brutal.

PS. I have finshed your book so expect a letter soon with the usual chapbook enclosed. I thoroughly enjoyed the book by the way and would encourage everyone to read it as it is not your run of the mill horror story and manages to touch on things both unbelivable and that have an emotional resonance. I have often poo poohed smeof the subject matter the book puts forth but I find that I am now rethinking much of what I held as true and seeing it all in a different light.

nemesis said...

how can any1 disrespect rommel, even allied ppl respected him for the kind of human being he was !! if someone is born in a country and become a general of the army of that country, he is bound to fight the war and try to win it. but he was a sheer genius in a battle field, even in the battle of el alamein he lost due to lack of resources not because of british general montgomery's brilliance. he dis obeyed the cruel orders of hitler and wud sumtimes cut his own armies water rations to quench the thirst of allied prisoners of war. his policy was "war without hate", prisoners were treated nicely. he was a celebrated field marshal for god sake, how can sum avg joe like us talk such dirty things about him like clearing bowels on him etc etc !

nemesis said...

for all ass-holes who disrespect rommel.....kindly go through

Russell Duffy said...

I am not, was not dis-respecting Rommel nor any other brave German who fought and died in that awful war. What amuses is that humans would want to do such a sordid thing as take a face mask of a dead person. In future, before jumping in without thought why not ask first what my intent was when posting this item.