Monday, 30 November 2009


From the LP "Moshi" by Barney Willen and friends on the French "Saravah" label. 80's I think but not sure.

Tracks are-

1. Balandji In Bobo
2. Sannu ne Gheniyo
3. El Hadji

Seems that Barney and friends went to live and travel in Africa in the late sixties after hearing some music by a pygmy tribe. He stayed in Algeria and travelled accross the Sahara to Senegal and Mali long befor the notion of "World Music" was ever thought of and recorded this double Lp on his return.

"Wilen's contract for IDA helped create a comeback for a fine musician. In the 1980s he tinkered with jazz-rock and African rhythms (he went to live in Africa in the late 1960s) and his return to a bop-inflected style has something of the full-circle maturity which Stan Getz came to in his later work; Wilen's tenor sound does, indeed, have something of the magisterial sweep which Getz delivered, but the main character of his playing continues to lie in his even trajectory. His solos have a serene assurance which eschews dynamic shifts in favor of a single flowing line. With his tone still exceptionally bright and refined, it grants his playing a rare, persuasive power."


C.J.Duffy said...

Another amazing find and again all new to me. Must pop over to Brick Lane soon. There used to be a Derek's in the market too that sold some great records. It is where I purchased two Blondie albums and Madness and The Specials.

wastedpapiers said...

I wonder if it was the same Derek I used to buy records from? His records were all factory rejects with holes punched through them ( besides the usual middle one ).

C.J.Duffy said...

Probably the same chap although by late 77, certainly 78, he had moved off of the stall and opened up a shop. I don't recall any extra holes though!

Doctor FTSE said...

Hi Boys . . .In my far off school days, there was this joke. Joke ???. . ahh, we wuz only schoolboys . . .

Letter to (say) the Guardian . . . but any paper will do.

Dear Sir,

At home, I have a flat black disk with a small hole in the centre. Is this a record?

Yrs etc.