Monday, 28 December 2009

Grave Shades

These Epitaphs are from one of my favourite poetry books of all time Verse and Worse by Arnold Silcock. I was given my copy as a teenager and read it so much it fell apart. I have a new copy now. Well, it was from a second hand book shop. But you know what I mean. All genuine and all by Anon.

Epitaph on a Dyer: At Lincoln

Here lies John Hyde;
He first liv’d, and then he died;
He dyed to live, and liv’d to dye,
And hopes to live eternally.

John Bun

Here lies John Bun
He was killed by a gun,
His name was not Bun, but Wood,
But Wood would not rhyme with Gun,
But Bun would.

The Artful Dodger

Here lies Bill Dodge
Who dodged all good
And dodged a deal of evil
But after dodging all he could
He could not dodge the Devil.

Passport to Paradise

He passed the bobby without any fuss,
And he passed the cart of hay,
He tried to pass a swerving bus,
And then he passed away.

aNOtHEr dIp INtO ThE midGEpoT mEMOrY pOOoL.


C.J.Duffy said...

Hard to chose a favourite as they are all good but I would probably go for the last one!

Doctor FTSE said...

Here lies Tom Hatch.
He played with pliers.
They were no match
for electric wires . . .

Doctor FTSE said...

Here lies our Duffy -
a great team player,
till he met Buffy
The Vampire Slayer.

And a Happy New Year to Y'all!

(Don't take umbrage, CJ. Y'know I luv ya!)

The Doc