Monday, 4 January 2010

Cassette Tape Revival

Heart warming story on North West Tonight on the BBC earlier about a Stockport firm who almost went bust with thier cassette making company and considered sending their machines to a scrap yard but recently sales have started improving due to demand from silver haired technophobes who have no truck with CD's or MP3's. Great clip of some old dear saying she was given an MP3 player but has no idea what to do with it - "I cant even open the box!"
Ive always loved cassettes and mix tapes and have hundreds stashed away in boxes all round the house and in the garden shed. Something very practical and endearing about those slack tapes that need a pencil to wind them back into the case when they get too baggy!


C.J.Duffy said...

I love mixed tapes and like you have loads stuffed away somewhere.

Roger Stevens said...

Yes,used to do a lot of that. But never a big fan of the cassette - too flimsy. Like vinyl best - then CDs. And I still make mix tapes on CD. Which is easier as you don't have to make them in real time - AND you have the fun of making the cover. Cassette tape covers were always a bit small and fiddly.

wastedpapiers said...

I love the flimsiness! Tactile in the extreme - sticking your finger in the little cog wheels to wind on the tape- repairing them with sellotape and gluing back the little felt pad that often fell out- great stuff!

The covers were a real challenge too - just the right size and shape and a foldy out bit for all your scribblings!

C.J.Duffy said...

Cassette's aren't that bad. They are a bit fiddly but easier to store than all those reel to reel tapes.
In '68 I got my first Grundig tape recorder which I used all the time and soon discovered the delights of taped music played backwards.
CD's are easier ut I still like cassettes.

Kippers Dickie said...

In '66 I had a Truvox reel to reel.
Lasted years. It's nice to know you are not the only one to use the little finger! or a six sided pencil.
I have opened cassettes and repaired them many times. What can you do if a CD wont play? The question is what are we going to do when the tape player packs up?