Friday, 22 January 2010

There's a LUVERLY moment towards the end . . .

. . when she flicks her hair back over her shoulder! Notice she is perched 
up on a cushion. What a wee sweetie! (Or am I just an old softie?  
And no . . she's no relation.)

You can hear on YouTube how practise made perfect for Evgeny Kissin.

(Beethoven's Rondo "Rage Over A Lost Penny" carries the (late) 
Opus No.129. But not "late" Beethoven at all. Published posthumously. 
Written c1795, 3 years before the groundbreaking "Pathetique" Sonata, 


Nessa said...

She's adorable and amazing.

Boy Meets Girl in 55

Doctor FTSE said...

Yes. And she plays it from memory! Let's hope she keeps at it. She's surely a pianist-in-the-making.
Did you look at Evgeny Kissin's madcap performance!
What an awesome pianist! What an awesome haircut!

Kippers Dickie said...

Staggering, and from memory! I can't even play carols from memory!
That wasn't her hair she flicked back, the strap on her dress was slipping down her arm and making it difficult at the treble end. I enjoyed it very much....and also watching the other children, reflected in the piano side, fidgeting around. Hard to sit still for eight minutes!

C.J.Duffy said...

Good lord! A female Mozart. quite icredible.

C.J.Duffy said...

PS. I was reently asked to supply my top ten albums, the ones I couldn't live without. Beethoven alone could fill that list for me. He epitomises the word genius and so accessible too.

jinksy said...

It's taken me until this morning to make Blogger lead me to this - I couldn't get beyond the 31 December post, no matter how I searched - but it's not all good news, as the video only gives me sound, ergo the flick of the hair is missing - I can imagine it's cute though. Evgeny's hair put me in mind of my son's - good job he can't hear/see that remark! But a Pennyworth of rage certainly gives value for money...