Thursday, 1 November 2012


It says this on jbkrost’s blog profile:

I just stab at the canvas and click at the shutter... sometimes it works out
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I like the fact that for such an accomplished artist, if known only too few, could be so self-deprecating as to say “I just stab at the canvas and click at the shutter... sometimes it works out.” It does though. It works out incredibly well. Of course in the end it all comes down to taste. I man, after all, everything is a question of personal preference but I have to say that this man’s work is very much ‘up my street,’ my ‘cup of tea.’
He seems, oddly enough, to quite like his anonymity choosing to let his art speak for him rather than adopting a Daliesque type vaudeville. His paintings of stretched, ghost like. His figures remind me slightly of Edvard Munch’s work. Having said that I am sure neither artist would agree. There is pain here, discomfort but I am not sure why. Perhaps, like Francis Bacon, he is merely reflecting the world or humanity as he sees it.

I know this though. I like jbkrost’s (yes, all in lower case) work. I would certainly be proud to have it hang from my wall.


aNOtHEr dOlLoP oF OiL oN lIfeS cAnvAs.


joyce krost said...

I ngskschNot only is he a fabulous, unique artist but a really incredible human being...

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Joyce>>>Nice to meet you (sort of)
It's a shame we live so far apart as I'd like to meet him myself.