Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tiny Treasures

I realised I hadn't added anything to this blog for a while so dug out this snippet from the wonderful EVERGREEN  magazine
which is ideal for collaging as it contains many old photos and illustrations from the past
but sprinkled amongst the pages are intriguing articles about 
long dead music hall stars, stories about old films and other delightful odd items like this
one about a tiny record some lady had pinned to some hankerchiefs!
Sadly I have no sound file of the record to share but would love to find this one or one like it on my 
boot sale and charity shop trips. I can only hope!


Faycin A Croud said...

Sometimes there used to be dreadful little floppy plastic promotional records in certain magazines--nothing near as nice as this. They were the same size as a regular 45 RPM record. The sound quality was always awful.

Wastedpapiers said...

O yes, flexi-discs. I have a few of them. Some were better than others. You had to put a weight on the flimsy disc to stop it moving about - a couple of coins usually did the trick!

Russell C.J. Duffy said...

Yep, I remember them too.Read any biog by a serious musician and hear then wax lyrical about the better sound quality of vinyl over dowmload or CD's. I don't have the ear for it and as long as it makes my ears bleed i really don't care! ;)